Airsal has a repair service for aluminium cylinders without cast-iron sleeve

DIAMETER 38-45 46-53 54-56 57-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91+-
PRIX PVP 103€ 111€ 129€ 137€ 153€ 176€ 189€ 212€

VAT not included


  • Elimination of the current coating
  • Welding the cylinder if necessary.
  • Applying new Scanimet® coating.
  • Cylinder lapping.

What we need:

  • The cylinder to be repaired disassembled from the iron material and valves.
  • The new, unpacked piston ( rings, clips and nuts are not necessary).
  • The client's details (name, address,...).

What is not included:

  • Transport.
  • Disassembling the parts if the cylinder requires it.
    • 12€ disassembly of the studs.
    • 20€ valve disassembly.

Delivery address:

Pol. Ind. La Gavarra
Ronda Font Grossa, 1-3
08540 Centelles



IMPORTANT: Airsal is not responsible for parts that may break during the disassembly process nor will it return any piece that has required disassembly.

  • Bronze ring: 40€
    Cylinders with detonations are repaired by welding. If a bronze ring is required, the client must notify in writing.

If the client wants a specific tolerance between the cylinder and the piston, they must notify this in writing.

If necessary, Airsal can also supply the piston. Check the prices of the pistons here.

FORM OF PAYMENT: bank transfer.


From 01/06/2022, once the cylinder enters our system, if for any reason it cannot be repaired a fee of 30€ will be invoiced for management, initial works and storage.